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Finesstel Ltd. offers professional telecom training and consultancy as well as publication of mobile communications books and articles. The special intrest of Finesstel is related to GSM, GPRS and UMTS technologies.

The director and head consultant of Finesstel, Mr. Jyrki "Jype" Penttinen is a 2G and 3G professional. Mr. Penttinen has written several technical books and articles about the mobile technology, and he has worked in related projects for several years.

The recent Finesstel publication in English, GPRS in Wireless Data, explains the functioning and design of the system. The book can be ordered via the Academic Bookstore of Finland.

Finesstel Ltd. is developing the wireless exam with the Finnish company TIEKE. The company also organizes the official computer driving licence courses.

The Wireless education of TIEKE is a new possibility to learn efficient methods of using the cellular systems and wireless services in everyday life.
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