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Training Consultancy Publications Wireless @AB-exam
20.02.2020 11:35 [Suomeksi] [In English] [En Español]
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Question: Do you have publications in English?

Answer: Yes, we have wrote the book "GPRS in Wireless Data" in English

Finesstel works for the information society. In reality, it is work for the liberty.


Finesstel Ltd. organises training and consultancy in telecommunication area. Finesstel activities also includes publication of mobile communications books and articles.

The special intrest of Finesstel is related to GSM, GPRS and UMTS technologies.

Please ask more about our possibilities to arrange internal courses or consultancy tasks both for technical and non-technical personnel.

Finesstel has participated to the business meetings of AL-Invest in Spain and Mexico.

Finesstel organizes telecom courses and presentations.

Finesstel participated to the revision of the telecom infrastructure in Nicaragua.

Finesstel gave hand in the selection process of the modernization of the public telephones in Honduras.

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